• APA Essay Format is written on 8 ½ x11 paper
  • There should be I inch margins on all sides of the sheet while writing papers in APA format
  • The essay in APA format is usually typed in Times New Roman font, size 12.
  • The entire matter is double spaced
  • Every page has a header called the running head
  • The paper has four important parts; they are the title page, abstract, main body, and references

The title page usually contains the title of the paper, its running head, the name of the author, name of the institution, and author’s note. To understand how the title paper is arranged, look at the APA essay format example here.

The abstract page starts with the word ‘abstract’ at the center of the first line. The abstract is a summary of the key points of your research. This is intended to give your reader a brief idea about your research, including the topic, the methods you adopted, the findings and the conclusion you drew. It is usually written in less than 250 words without indentation. In some cases, it is accompanied by a list of keywords. To understand the organization, see the APA style paper template.

The body of the APA format essay starts with the running title. The very next line is the title of the paper followed by the introduction. After the introduction, there is the method section and the results section. While the method section presents the way the study was conducted, the results section summarizes the data you obtained. After these sections, the discussion section starts where the result is further analyzed and interpreted in a useful manner. See the sample APA format paper to understand how these sections are arranged in a paper.

In the essay written in APA format, it is necessary to include in-text citations in the body to acknowledge the use of sources. These citations usually include the author(s) name and the year of publication. See the APA format example essay to understand how in-text citation is incorporated.

After that, there is a list of References. Every source used in the paper is referenced in a list. The entries are all alphabetized. To understand how this list is arranged, see the APA style essay example.

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