Why Buying a College Essay Online?

This is the story of two students, let’s just call them Jane and Mary. They are both smart girls who take their studies seriously. However, due to personal reasons, last term they were very busy and neither could meet their deadlines for handing in their essay. So both of them tried to figure out what to do. And here the similarities stop: while Jane decided to buy college essays online, Mary believed she didn’t need to spend money, as there are many free papers anywhere on the Internet… Let’s see how they both did!

  • Who wrote the papers?

Mary downloaded a free essay she got on a random website. She didn’t know that such essay had been written by a student who, just like her, made some mistakes. Not even the grammar and spelling were perfect! The student had got a C minus on that essay, and though he hadn’t mentioned that fact on the website he published the essay on, Mary would never have a chance…

Jane bought her paper from a respected online company. And so, her college essay was not written just by anyone. If you buy custom essays from us, you should know that every single paper is written by a professional writer. Every one of them writes only on their specialization. And they will provide you with a buy a college essay online with intrinsic academic value, truly original and 100% quality work, written just for you.

  • Choosing the topic

The course both girls were taking was American Literature. Mary had to choose among a couple of articles which all dealt with pretty much the same authors: Hemingway, Faulkner, Poe, Melville… But as Jane was able to choose her topic exactly as she liked it, she could hand in a great literary essay on Asian-American literature, dealing with some unknown authors that impressed the teacher a lot!

  • How did the students do?

Mary was unlucky! As soon as the teacher started to read her free assignment, he suspected something, as he believed he had seen something similar before. He was familiarized with Internet and its technologies, so he performed a simple check for plagiarism with Mary’s essay. Pretty quickly he was able to confirm his suspects, and Jane was severely punished. You all see, school, colleges and universities have different policies regarding to cheating. As this was Mary’s first time, she received a verbal reprimand and a requirement to repeat the assignment, with a limited mark. But she could have even been suspended. The penalties are usually more severe if the cheater repeats his behavior.

Jane, on the other hand, buy college essays online with plenty of academic value. Besides, since her paper was unique and never go published online, the teacher could have never demonstrate a connection whatsoever between the student and the company which sold it. Jane got an A and she passed the course! Then she spoke to her friend Mary and told her that next time she’d better spend some money, but hand in a college essay writing. She certainly knew what she was talking about!