Why Are Teachers Not Looking Inward College Paper Writing Service

Many teachers have worked to ban college paper writing services in Google ads and search engines. This reminds me of the fight against drugs and alcoholism in kids and young adults. It’s easier but less effective to go against suppliers. Essay writing however, is a critical education tool, so why aren’t educators assessing their effective use of this tool? Moreover, educators and the community need to get involved in tackling the context and root of the problem. Removing them from search engines is just a band-aid solution.

  • Issues of College Paper Writing Services

So what has this got to do with college paper writing companies? The boom in college paper writing services is due to lack of adequate preparation of students for college.

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The large number of students requesting for student loans for tuition have increased rapidly. So why do students spend their limited and hard-earned money buying college papers? Instead of paying somebody else to write their college papers, why not write their own essays and buy other things they need or want? Let’s face it, some students are not lazy but are overwhelmed in college and they need help. Essay writing services are needed by students due to lack of proper training. Should educators continue believing that students are just lazy to write? Or should they look within themselves and see whether the educational system has done enough to develop the writing skills of students?

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Studies have shown that students spend less than three hours writing essays every week. This is so much lower than the percentage students spend watching television or playing video games. Moreover, few papers are written by high school seniors every month in their English courses. Science and history courses also seldom require more than two-page college paper from their students.

At the very least, preparatory schools should help students realize the importance of college paper writing. Writing improves the students’ reasoning skills, analysis skills in reviewing data and its validity. Writing good essays enables students to relate all the things they have learned in school and from their experiences.

So how can these kids be proficient in college paper writing if their educators have not even critically reviewed their educational and writing programs? Help with essay writing should come from educators and not essay writing companies. Ideal solution would be to improve your writing programs and make college paper writing service for college students obsolete. But what is happening is, poorly prepared college students who cannot afford to fail due to high tuition fees are using essay writing companies to help them get their degrees.

  • Essay Writing Companies and Foreign Students

Not all college paper writing services are scumbags as educators have painted them. Aside from college students who have been inadequately prepared for college and are freaked out with writing their college papers, most of the clients are foreign students who have failed in their courses and were asked to rewrite their college papers. These essay companies act as tutors in helping these students understand the requirements of their teachers. They help them organize their thoughts and ideas in English.

Is there a support system for these foreign students in English universities? Proficiency in another language takes time. However, their length of stay in their university, exposure to English-speaking classmates will eventually improve their English writing skills. Eventually, they may not need these essay writing businesses to organize and edit their paper for them.

Others that may require temporary essay writing help are adults who have gone back-to-school, and working students who are barely sleeping, to attend their classes and work to pay for their expensive tuition fees.

Finally, foreign students would not have been accepted into these English universities if they did not know how to study and are not interested in learning! English coursework is a practical skill like driving.