A comparative essay is a kind of writing in which you weight two objects of comparison. It refers to putting on scales the things that need to be matched. People, events, activities, weather, feelings, relationships etc. can be compared. While comparing two or more objects a writer should distinguish similarities and differences. This article written by specialists of our essay writing service will help you to understand how to write a good comparative essay.

You need more than one or two things if you have a comparative essay to finish at hand. It would be advisable if you don’t overkill your essay with too many comparisons because you might lose the concentration of your reader and your essay becomes a huge failure. You should be clear about the things you are going to compare before you begin the essay. Once you have that set then the next move is to give a perfect introduction of your topics and first bring out the similarities of whatever you are going to compare. The introduction should show the reader the similarities as well as the differences in your subjects. If you are already scared and don’t want to write it, remember that you always can order a custom essay, but still check the following guidelines first.

General comparative essay format

  • introduction
  • body
  • conclusion


The main purpose of writing an introduction is to catch a reader. You need to attract his attention describing and revealing your story. Introduction is like a brief summary of the entire plot. Here you need to point:

  • why did you pick this particular topic and these specified objects to compare
  • what is the importance of a matter
  • what are the comparable objects
  • why did you decide to compare them
  • by what means the comparison will be made
  • what kind of results you intent to achieve

Basically, the goal of an introduction is to get a reader acquainted with your story.


A body is the second part of comparative essays format and the main part of an essay as a whole. Here you must consistently write down all the information you have prepared. Generally, a body is divided by three parts. It will be better if you devote a sole single part for each of the objects to compare. First of all tell a reader about them. Do not compare yet. Describe.

  • provide some general information about all your objects
  • show strong sides and weak sides of both
  • describe all features and ways to use

In the third part of your body you need to make a comparison. Do not forget that to compare, first you must pick some features by means of which you are going to match your objects.


Make up your mind and sum up all you have written. Finish your comparison and show the results of it. Present a reader in which areas the first object is better and in which the other one(s) (NOTE: there may be more than two objects).

Check once again

When the job is done, proofread everything and check your impartiality. Do not try to make one object better than another. If some of them is really worse being better the comparison will show that.

Check if you followed all comparative essay format guidelines. Do not hurry and be attentive. If you still do not know about what to write or have no time to make a solution, you can simply buy essay and avoid any difficulties.