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Excellent writing comes with experience, as it is a skill that is developed over time. On this note, essay writing, whether writing a personal statement for your application, or an analytical paper, whichever essay type it is, there are factors you must take into consideration. One of these is the procedure used in writing. Below is an outline of a procedural approach used by experienced writers in essay writing:

  • Select an eye-catching topic
  • Write a captivating thesis statement
  • Conduct research and gather sufficient information
  • Write an outline
  • Write the body
  • Write the introduction
  • Write the conclusion
  • Review your essay

Learn More How to Follow this Plan

The first step is to select an exciting topic for your paper. Once you have received the essay assignment, go through the instructions, analyzing what is required from you. Going through the grading rubric is essential as it will give you a full insight into what you are expected to present in your paper. Once you have gone through the instructions, select an appropriate topic. One attribute common among excellent academic essay writers is the skill to write interesting essay topics. The topic should address an issue that would interest wide demography in society. Otherwise, it would be boring and turn off your readers at first glance. The thesis statement is another contextual element of an essay that separates a pro essay writer from mediocre writers.

Once you have picked a topic, it’s time to put together a great thesis statement that will get your readers hooked to your paper. It is the framework for your essay, meaning it determines the flow of your paper. It is probably the most important part of your essay. A poor thesis will always translate to a poor paper, but a well-structured and captivating essay will always translate to a great essay. With a topic and a thesis statement in place, it is time to go looking for information about your paper’s topic. There are various credible resources accepted for academic purposes, and these include books, scholarly articles and peer-reviewed publications. Gather as much information as possible to avoid running out of content halfway the paper.

Having gathered all the information you need, write an outline for your paper and this will help you to arrange your paper logically. This involves putting down on paper key points and ideas you will tackle in your paper. Outlines are essential in helping you to arrange your paper coherently systematically. With an outline in your hands, it is time to write your essay’s body. It is in the body that you breakdown points are written in the outline. This ought to be done in a clear manner; each point comprehensively addressed in a single paragraph. The first sentence in each paragraph should outline the main point, and the supporting argument should follow in the rest of the paragraph. Typically, many students start with writing their introduction before going to the body, but a great and logically flowing essay demands that you start with the body then the into and I’ll tell you why. First, if you mess up in the intro, you are likely to turn off your reader. Therefore, you should come up with an exciting and engaging intro. Now, it is not easy to write such an introduction paragraph if you do not have the facts regarding your essay’s topics at your fingertips. Starting with the body allows you to master your arguments, giving you solid insights regarding the topic. This puts you at a great position of structuring a captivating introduction paragraph.

Once this is done, it’s time to write a culminating conclusion where your restate your thesis and summarize supporting arguments presented in the body. Your conclusion paragraph ought to be straight to the point and convincing. Do not beat around the bush. Otherwise, your conclusion can easily render your entire paper vague. Also, make it as concise as possible. Finally, take time to review your paper. One common reason for poor grades in essay assignments is negligence. Many students ignore the essence of proofreading, maybe an expression of laziness because they feel it’s a lot of work to go through the entire paper. Eliminate all mistakes in your grammar and punctuation; this will go a long way in determining the marks you’ll receive.

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