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Order the MBA Essay: Professional MBA Service

A high-quality and custom MBA essay is a profitable solution for a busy manager. The experts of our professional service write essays for admission to a business school, as well as prepare mini MBA cases, based on the current tasks included in the educational program. We carry out MBA essays on demand in various structures and forms: point for point, structural segmentation, example structure, chronological structure, etc.

The completed MBA admission essay should include the following points:

  • Demonstrates the author’s solution to the MBA problem;
  • Gives a concrete and comprehensive answer to a specific MBA question;
  • Expresses the thoughts and feelings of the author;
  • Possesses originality and competitiveness in the first place.

To make progress about all these points, you have to apply the maximum academic writing potential required to reach the MBA success.

Essential Features of MBA Essays

To write an MBA essay, you need to do serious preparatory work. As a result, it should reflect the individual impressions and considerations of the author, be based both on existing knowledge and personal experience, reflect his creative, analytical, managerial abilities, the ability to benefit from life lessons, and draw the necessary skills from managers and partners.

When writing an MBA application essay, specialists take into account the requirements and comments of the tutor, and also adhere to the following recommendations:

  • a description of a specific real-life problematic situation in the organization;
  • interpretation and analysis of the problem using the studied or additional sources of information relevant to the topic of the module;
  • identification and justification of solutions to the problem and selection of the most optimal;
  • using several techniques to justify the chosen decision – examples from managerial practice, links to expert opinions, links to the experience of other companies, links to module materials;
  • a plan for implementing the selected solution, a description of its role in this process, recommendations to fellow managers.

Requirements of MBA Writing

The technical features of the MBA essay writing are the following:

  • volume – 300-500 words;
  • a clear statement of the essence of the problem (the form of the essay is differentiated depending on the specifics of the question);
  • adherence to the design of the essay (an introduction with the explicating of the question, the main part outlining the main question with subheadings and structured argumentation, a conclusion with generalized conclusions and explanations);
  • compliance with the specifics of the business school and its own career goals.

Our MBA essay help has significant experience in preparing MBA essays, cases, and graduate qualifications for leading business schools in the USA and Europe. Our customers should be ready to receive the following benefits that are influential for the provision of the customized solutions for business profile oriented students:

  • operational execution – scrupulous adherence to the work plan;
  • absolute uniqueness of the finished work – each order undergoes a comprehensive check for plagiarism;
  • maintenance of work until the moment of protection (making reasonable changes);
  • full consultation on all stages of writing the best MBA essay;
  • complete confidentiality.

Specialists adapt to the needs of today, monitor the latest trends in writing successful introductory works, and conduct active self-educational activities to maintain writing skills for quality MBA work.

Write My MBA Essay: Common Mistakes

To write an MBA essay with maximum efficiency, you need to analyze common mistakes in advance:

  • Bad check: give your essays for reading to a specialist to guarantee to avoid unsuccessful turns, stylistic mistakes, ambiguous expressions.
  • A tedious preface: eliminate unnecessary details and clichés.
  • Verbosity: adhere to the declared volume and skillfully dispose of it, so as not to crumble and not drag out any parts of the work.
  • The presence of colloquial speech: avoid slang, abbreviations, template phrases.
  • Long essay sentences: alternate long sentences with short ones to give effect to your text, but do not overdo it.

High-quality essay writing is impossible without vivid and successful examples. Check out contemporary business essay writing.

Tips on Writing the Best MBA Essays

50% success on admission to MBA depends on the quality and effective essay. The members of the selection committee evaluate the essay according to several criteria, among which everything from the correctness of technical performance to the content and value of the work. Based on the experience of our work, we identified 7 criteria that are considered essential for the successful writing of an MBA essay.

Quality of Submitted Data

Each essay should be informative, unique, and accurate. An essay is a creative, open task that does not have the only right answer, but when writing work, you must ask yourself the following questions:

  • Have I answered the question posed in an essay?
  • How clearly I expressed my thoughts?
  • Does the written sound natural?
  • Does the essay demonstrate a desire to study at a business school?
  • Does the essay show that it is aimed specifically at this business school?
  • Have I included in my work my strengths, characteristics, and features that will set me apart from the mass of other MBA candidates?
  • Have I made a strong case for my MBA business school to accept me?

Writing Skills

The MBA application essay should not characterize the author as a philologist or writer, but as a future or existing leader, manager. A high-quality essay presentation of their ideas on paper and in front of other people is an important quality of a leader.

The Presence of the Image of the Author

The essay is intended to create an image of the author, to give the MBA admissions committee something elusive that test numbers cannot give; therefore, in the essay, no matter what topic it is written on, it is necessary to include information that will indirectly tell about the person.


A minimum of common phrases, personal opinions, personal examples is what the selection committee wants to see, reading a hundred essays per week. Common phrases and other people’s thoughts do not attract the attention of MBA specialists.


Make references to your experience, provide real evidence of facts from your work, show your MBA problem, and vision of its solution, the specificity of your experience, specificity.


When writing educational essay works, students are afraid to go beyond the permissible and demonstrate a living person. The way out of the comfort zone, overcoming the “safety” barrier, and rejecting the fear of misunderstanding will help to cope with this. It does not fit to weave into the general narrative a share of humor and irony, a peppercorn, a piece of one’s own identity when writing an MBA order.


Despite the need to show your best side, you should not let the commission into the dust. Try to reflect the real situation, the flaws can be presented in the following vein: “I had the following flaw, but I managed to turn it into a dignity / I managed to make money on it / I managed to use it for the good of the company” and so on.

If you need to write or edit MBA essay writing, you are welcome to fill in the online accessible order form. You will save time and money if you contact us now to get to know more about the benefits of our custom paper service. Try to make the first MBA order to make sure!