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In Need of Personal Statement Help in Regards to Writing Tips?

We have compiled summaries of standard features characterizing some of the best personal statements written by students around the world. Whether you are writing a personal statement for medical school or masters, these ideas will help you get the job done.

Plan Your Personal Statement

There’s a famous quote that says failure to plan is planning to fail. Well, even here planning is of the essence. First things first, let’s look at the definition of this terminology. A personal statement is an academic writing that is handed in whenever you apply for admission to a school. As the name suggests, it is a document that depicts your interests in regards to the course you intend to study and the institution you are applying to. You can mention your academic achievements so far. Having said that, you should never include your autobiographical information in a personal statement for college. Following are some points to keep in mind as you plan your paper.

  • Elaborate on why you’ve selected your intended course and how it’ll benefit you.
  • Explain how the course matches your strengths, talents and skill sets.
  • Differentiate yourself from other applicants by noting down significant academic achievements.
  • Elaborate on your future career prospects.
  • Explain how your work will benefit the institution or society at large.
  • In case you’ve changed your field of study, explain why the shift.
  • Describe the impact of the change on your professional prospects

Structure of Your Personal Statement

Without a proper structure, a well-written personal statement can be easily under-marked. It is essential you ensure ideas in paragraphs logically follow each other, giving your paper a good flow and a tight structure. Your paper must have a proper format which includes required sections. Some of the things to take into consideration include:

  • Write eye-catching introductions
  • Your introduction serves as a frame for the entire statement.
  • It should neither be too long or too short, 250 to 500 words will do.
  • Keep your sentences as short as possible, no more than 30 words each.
  • Include headings to structure and break up the content.
  • Use facts to evidence your claims, such as how your skills have helped you in previous achievements.
  • Refrain from using clicked sentences.
  • Write a summative conclusion, reiterating major achievements and personal interests regarding to selected field of study.

Use Coherent Language and Engaging Content

It goes without saying that incoherent language and poor content will get you in trouble. It is in the content of your statement that you get the opportunity to show your reader whether or not you deserve a chance in the institution. Below is a list of what to include in your content:

  • Give solid reasons why you’re going for this specific field of study. Talk on this along the lines of career prospects and institution reputation.
  • Mention all relevant studies and achievements about your academics and career.
  • Elaborate on solid evidence that point to your strengths and skills such as critical thinking.
  • Show what differentiates you from the rest of the applicants.
  • Clearly outline your professional aspirations, giving reasons how this course will contribute towards achieving them.

In regards to language usage, avoid using generic terms and vague clichés. Here, only solid facts and details count. As it is the habit of many students, avoid using extravagant claims as these will not impress your reader, if anything, they will give them a low impression about you. Make your sentences short and straight to the point, remember you don’t want your statement to be too long. Proper punctuation and spelling, while maintaining accurate grammar usage goes a long way. Any form of mistakes and errors in your statement are likely to give the readers a negative perception of you. You should take your time and carefully review your personal statement before handing it in.

On this note, avoid wringing your statement when the deadline for submission is approaching, as you are more likely to write a poor statement owing to time constraints. If possible, have several of your friends proofread your statement. Finally, be creative in your language. Make your statement enjoyable to read by writing interesting opening paragraphs using exciting word arrangements and sentence structures.

So what does it take to write a captivating personal statement? Proper planning, structuring your statement paper and using coherent language to present engaging content.

What Makes a Strong College Personal Statement?

Here’s the thing, if you manage to impress your readers with your personal statement, then you stand a good chance of getting a place in the institution you are applying to. This section takes into account all the essential elements admissions officers are always interested in any time personal statements land on their hands.

  • A glimpse of your personal identity
  • Honesty
  • Eloquence in writing
  • Mastery of facts surrounding the course chosen

Though admission officers might not be able to know you just by reading your personal statement fully, it should give them a considerable amount of information that shows who you are. Regardless of what you are talking about, it all should point to personal information in regards to who you are. Starting from your professional and academic accomplishments, your interests and career aspirations, your talents and abilities, your attitudes and so on. If your reader cannot point out details about you then what you’ve written is not a personal statement. On this account, you want to take your time when selecting a topic as this will determine what you talk about. Select a topic that will allow you to present your strengths most.

Secondly, can your readers evaluate your level of honesty just by reading your statement? And if yes, will they be impressed or will they be disappointed? One thing you should do is to refrain from unreasonable exaggerations. Considering that admission officers are interested in knowing your true personality, if your statement cannot give them an idea of your true identity, then it will not get the job done. Actually, if they perceive that you are dishonest, they might not consider your application past this level. Though some of the things you are necessitated to write about yourself are not that supportive of your application, you’ll just have to include them without trying to decorate things.

College is demanding in regards to writing skills owing to the numerous assignments. On this account, admission officers will want to know whether you can cope by analyzing the eloquence implemented in writing the statement. Poor coherence of ideas, language, and many mistakes will immediately send an alarm to them, making then question your ability to do all the assignments you’ll be required to work on.

Finally, show them that you have your ideas and aspirations right. You must convince them why you are going for that specific career path and what are your future aspirations upon completion of studies. People love working and interacting with visionaries, so your statement should suggest you as one. In case things get tough, you might consider getting personal statement help either from friends or online writing service providers.

Get Professional Personal Statement Writing Service

You can take advantage of personal statement writing service available online. There are legitimate service providers who are dedicated and committed to issuing quality papers to their customers. As a student, you are never alone as these services lift off the pressure from your shoulder. Using these services is a win as you will receive a high-quality college personal statement without any hustle. It is important that you deliver a well-written statement, as it might be the determinant whether or not your application will be accepted. If you are writing a personal statement for graduate school, you might also consider getting help, as your paper ought to be comprehensive enough displaying your strengths, reasons for course choice and plans. Anything short of this places you at risk of having your application rejected owing to the high competition among applicants.

Numerous benefits come with the use of these services. These include 100% money back guarantee, 24/7 customer support, selecting your preferred writer to handle your paper, free reviews, full confidentiality, secure payment methods, a wide range of topics, and absolutely so plagiarism. Using these services ensure that you get quality paper at student-friendly rates, so you don’t have to worry about spending a lot of money on this.

Let Us Write Your Personal Statement for College

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