How Many Pages is a 5000-Word Text?


That is a very common question. Many people want to know the exact word to page proportion. There can be various reasons for such a curiosity: a need to write a high school essay, a college paper, an urgent task at work, a task that needs translation, etc. Before discussing an exact word to page proportion, the following factors need to be taken into consideration:

  • What is the format of your page?
  • Is it double or single-spaced?
  • What is the font size?
  • What is the font style?
  • Are there any specific requirements on the page margins?

The above factors can all drastically impact the word-to-page ratio. However, in the business and academic world, there is a generally accepted average standard applied to all texts. In other words, most academic and business texts have the following properties:

  • Page margins equal to 1 inch on all sides;
  • Font size is 12;
  • Times New Roman, Calibri, or Arial fonts are used;
  • Double-space is used between the lines.

According to those standards, an average 5000-word text would fit into 17 pages or 300 words per page. Similarly, a 4000-words text will occupy 13 pages, 6000-words text – 20 pages, and so on.

While 5000 words or 17 pages may seem like a hell of a work to do for an average student, especially in a tight deadline, there is a workaround.

A professional writer can do the same work in much less time and with higher quality. Our company,, hosts hundreds of experienced writers, each of whom is great in a particular academic discipline. We are a leading custom essay writing service that loves difficult writing assignments. Hundreds of thousands of customers worldwide have entrusted us with their urgent writing tasks and ever since have recommended our services to their friends and colleagues.

How time-consuming is a 5000-word paper?

Well, for an average person, writing a 5000-page text (or 17 pages as we have found out) can take up to 17-20 hours, or roughly one page per hour. Broken down into evening hours that can take up to a whole week, given that you can devote 3-4 hours to writing each evening.

Alternatively, our expert writers can work twice or three times as fast! They can write up to 900 words per hour and do the same work in less than 2 business days, sometimes even the same day! Urgent tasks are given priority at our company, meaning that we assign only the best writers and make sure they maintain the quality of work at a high level.

Tips on how to write texts of 5000 words and more

If you have been tasked with a difficult writing assignment and want to do it yourself, do not fall into despair! Our expert writers have prepared the following tips to help you cope with particularly long papers:

  • Do not let the formal requirements obscure your thinking. Word and page requirements are secondary, quality and style have the primary value. Come back to formatting once you are done with the first draft.
  • Before actual writing, think of the structure of your paper, what needs to come first and what needs to follow. Especially important are key ideas, arguments, thesis statements, facts, etc.
  • Do not waste a single hour; start writing as early as possible. If you are afraid to start writing – just write something and then edit.
  • Take breaks between your writing. Short breaks of 10-15 minutes during each writing hour and longer breaks if you work for several days.
  • Know the hours of the day when you are most productive. For example, some people love to work in the early morning, while others feel more energy and inspiration in the second half of the day.

You do not have to struggle alone

Most lengthy and difficult writing tasks come with a hip of formatting and style requirements. Those can be famous citation styles, such as Chicago, MLA, APA, Turabian, or AP. Other tasks may require using solid references and external sources, which requires students to know the supporting literature well.

This will help you allot the appropriate amount of time, and understand how much research and discussion is required. Usually, an essay of this length needs support from literature. At, we have access to thousands of databases, including peer-reviewed journals; we also understand all citation styles including APA, MLA, Chicago, Turabian, and more!

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you are feeling overwhelmed and want to receive an A+ essay at the lowest possible price!

With any of those requirements, you are always welcome at! We know how to deal with difficult writing assignments and will be happy to help you with those. Within the shortest time and at an affordable price, your essay will be ready to earn you an A+ score in your class!

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