How to Write a Thesis Statement Step by Step


Academic writing is compulsory in colleges and universities as partial fulfillment of certain course programs. It covers many research papers, ranging from essays to dissertations, proposals to term papers. What is constant in these academic papers is the inclusion of a thesis statement

This article offers a comprehensive guide on how to write a strong thesis statement. Read on to understand the contents and the step-by-step formulation.

How to Write a Good Thesis Statement 

Before we proceed to the formulation, let us define a thesis statement and what it encompasses. The thesis statement is found in the introduction section of an academic paper. It is an important sentence that explains the main idea you want to explore and communicate to the audience. Usually, it is one short sentence; but it can be two or three, depending on your paper’s depth. Besides, the statement should be clear to allow the readers to follow your research from the start. 

Because of the brevity, many learners think that writing a thesis statement is a simple task. But, it can be quite challenging since it requires precision and reasoning to develop a good statement. You have to ensure the entire essay relates to the thesis. 

You don’t just write anything that comes to your mind because you might go off the point. Remember, a thesis statement guides the audience to know more about your paper since it is in the research paper introduction. It reveals your angle of argument and how you intend to support your opinion regarding the subject matter.

Begin with a relevant question and develop a convincing answer after comprehensive research. Ensure the statement expresses a specific aspect you will expound on in your arguments later in the body paragraphs.

In addition, you need to reveal your opinion regarding the subject. The readers must know your stand and how you will argue your perspective. Hence, ensure you add at least three points on how you will support your arguments.

Finally, conclude the phrases in one sentence and admit that there is an opposing viewpoint. It allows the audience to form a separate opinion and not necessarily agree with your perspective. 

How to Make a Thesis Statement

When developing such a paragraph, you should understand what you want to write in the essay. A thesis statement should direct your audience through the main research idea. No matter the type of essay, the statement must align with the research purpose.

Below are steps you can follow to develop an exceptional essay declaration:

Step 1: State the Topic

A good statement relies on the topic since it forms the primary theme. Thus, start by stating the topic briefly to summarize the main subject matter. You have to be specific to ensure clarity in communicating the main idea, not to confuse the readers. 

Step 2: State Major Idea

Next, you should establish what you want to prove to your audience regarding the topic. It is imperative to state the primary idea that will convince the readers to agree with your perspective. This step reveals your personal opinion on the subject matter. So, ensure that you pick a stance with supporting evidence and factual data.

Step 3: Reasons Supporting the Main Idea

Here, you should include the reasons you will incorporate to support the main idea. You have to write at least three factual reasons in a clear manner.

Step 4: Conclusion

Write a conclusive statement that combines all information to give an accurate idea of your research paper’s main focus.

What is a Thesis in an Essay?

As mentioned above, a thesis statement is the most important declaration in any research paper. You should incorporate it in the essay introduction towards the end of the paragraph. 

The main objective of the statement is to express the writer’s perspective on the research topic. It aims to offer a specific emphasis for the reader. It consists of one sentence, but if your paper is complex, you can extend it to two or three. 

In research writing, the thesis statement is categorized into two: argumentative and explanatory. 

For instance, in an argumentative essay, you should write a debatable statement that will clearly assert the writer’s position. It informs the audience of the direction of your arguments.

However, an explanatory thesis statement only announces the subject matter to the audience. The writer does not take a position since it summarizes the points expounded in the paper. It is evident in an expository essay.

How to Write a Thesis Statement for a Research Paper

Composing a thesis statement is challenging, but you can formulate a remarkable statement with the right approach. You should relate the thesis to the main topic to ensure you remain within the parameters. We have collected some insightful tips to help you craft a winning thesis statement:

  • Understand the topic

It is imperative to know your essay topic to craft a thesis statement. It is challenging to develop an opinion on an unfamiliar topic. Hence, conduct extensive research during topic selection and pick one you are comfortable writing. Then, derive your thesis from the topic.

  • Consider a narrow topic

When selecting your topic, it is advisable to limit the scope to get a specific thesis statement. Having a broad topic means you will write a lengthy paper, thus, affecting the thesis statement. Therefore, ensure you pick a narrow topic to craft a brief and specific thesis statement.

  • Brainstorm 

If you are stuck on topic selection, the best solution is to have an extensive brainstorming session. Write down all the ideas and create a mind map that will guide you to pick a relevant topic. Brainstorming will allow you to develop a winning thesis declaration and, eventually, a meticulous paper.

If you follow the above pointers, you will formulate a striking thesis statement. Ensure you choose a suitable topic to help you craft a winning statement. Your choice of words also plays a significant role since the declaration should be short and clear. Following the above steps will translate into proper thought organization, and you will guide your audience to know your essay direction.

What should be included in a Thesis Statement?

You might wonder why your essay should comprise a thesis statement. One primary reason is to guide your readers in the right direction regarding your research. Without a thesis statement, no one will understand what your essay entails. Moreover, it allows proper organization and argument development. The audience should know your angle of argument, and you will investigate by reading the thesis statement.

An effective statement should comprise the following elements:

  • It should have a debatable subject matter
  • It should express one important idea.
  • Supporting reasons to back the main idea.
  • Declare your conclusive line of argument. 

However, if you are still struggling with composing a winning thesis statement, you can always seek professional assistance from our certified writers. Don’t hesitate to turn to our service; we will craft a polished and well-written thesis statement that will impress your tutor.


Why is a thesis statement important? 

A thesis statement is essential in any research paper since it sets the pace for the entire essay. It guides the readers to know what you will discuss in your body paragraphs. 

How long should a thesis statement be? 

A thesis statement must have clear and concise writing. The standard length should be one sentence, but depending on the essay’s complexity, you can write two to three sentences if necessary. 

How do you write a thesis statement? 

The first step is to draft an initial thesis after settling on a good topic. Come with a question about the topic and what you would like to investigate. Write your answer and do some research to get significant points that will guide your writing process. Refine your answer and give reasons to support and inform the readers what they will learn from your essay. 

How do you form a thesis statement? 

You must pick a subject and conduct extensive research to collect facts and evidence. Ensure your statement answers the research question and reveals your position subject. Explore the broad importance of the subject while narrowing it down. Identify the main points that will guide your statement and adjust it until it aligns with the study. 

How to find a thesis statement? 

You can locate the thesis statement in the introduction section of a research paper. It is usually written nearly at the end of the first paragraph. The sentence reveals the writer’s stand on the topic and contains the main idea that will direct the entire essay.


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