How Long Should an Essay Be: Opening Remarks


Probably every college student or school has wondered about the length of the essay. And there is nothing strange in this since not all professors and teachers mention this point in the academic assignment. Unfortunately, this fact leads to some misunderstanding and can cause an unsuccessful research paper realization. 

You may tell that this point is not too significant to draw attention to. However, in this article, we’ll convince you of the opposite and answer all your questions regarding the lengths of an essay in middle, high school, and even college.

How Long Is an Essay in College? Influence Factors

Different essays are one of the best ways to evaluate students’ college knowledge. Teachers from different subjects usually include this kind of work in the educational process. It helps to see if the student is aware of the topic of discussion and dramatically facilitates the teacher’s work. But usually, students have many questions regarding the length of the essay. 

For example, a regular admission essay will count around five hundred words. But of course, we should not forget that many different types of essays exist. To clarify, let’s find out what factors may affect the length of college essays. 


Without any doubt, subjects impact the length of your essay. The different subjects will require different writing methods and different styles. Undoubtedly, even two similar essays for two different subjects will have different lengths. Of course, if it is a personal statement on some philosophical problem, you will be able to write your essay for a few pages. But in the case, it’s an essay is an exact science, its volume will be significantly reduced.

Academic Level

The academic level may also significantly impact the length of your essay. For example, if you’re getting the Bachelor’s diploma, your essay may be a little shorter than an essay written by a person who is getting a Master’s. And do not forget about the PhD level, where even such simple academic writing as an essay should be much longer than the mentioned levels. 

The Topic of an Essay 

The topic of an essay, along with the thesis statement, is another factor that may change the length of your essay. Without any doubt, choosing some challenging and unexplored topics will increase the length of your research. So, for example, if you want to decrease the length of your paper, you should choose a less complicated subject, preferably one in which you can explain your position in an accessible manner.

How Long Is an Essay in High School?

Usually, essays in high school can be easier than in college, but still, there are different sizes of essays. The essay in high school may be short, average, or long. It’s also worth mentioning that teachers in high schools draw their attention to the number of paragraphs students include in their essays. 

For example, a short essay will include only three paragraphs. Usually, the short essay will count around 300 words, along with a conclusion of an essay. The average type will have 600 to 1000 words framed in around five paragraphs. And the extended essay will include 1500 to 2000 words, framed in more than ten paragraphs. 

How Long Is an Essay in Middle School?

Do not worry because if you’re still studying in middle school, your essay experience will probably be limited by writing short essays. Usually, in middle school, teachers do not want to strain their students with complex and lengthy essays due to their age and the educational system’s peculiarities. 

However, at the same time, pupils of this age will still receive assignments to write a short essay of around 300 words. But despite the shorter volume, pupils will still have to write the statement of purpose for an essay and the thesis statement.

How Many Pages Is a Essay?

To answer this question, it’s worth mentioning that the number of pages is not an essential part of the essay writing process. But still, a lot of teachers may draw their attention to the fact of page numbers. For example, even the style of your paper may lead to a decrease or increase in the number of pages. Nonetheless, how many pages do different essays have? For example, a short essay with a word count from 300 to 500 will take up only half a page.

On the other hand, an average essay with a word count of up to one thousand words will be reproduced in a one-page standard A4 format. And the extended essay will be written on two or three pages in the A4 format. But, as you have already understood, this length does not include the bibliography, so the page count can also differ from the one mentioned above. 

How Many Words Should an Essay Have? 

Usually, the word count of your essay will be discussed with your teacher, and it will also be included in the assignment of your paper. But we hasten to assure you that there are no exact requirements that say the essay must be of a specific word count. 

Even if your teacher has asked you to write a 500-word essay, you should think not about the word count but about how to express your position in the most accessible and competent manner. If you write your essay in a few dozen words but you have highlighted the essence of the issue, everything will be fine. Of course, you should draw your attention to the required word count, but this should not be overemphasized.


Do essays have to be long?

If you have written an extended essay, it doesn’t mean it will have the highest mark. Instead, the critical point to which you should draw your attention is the fact if your essay has met all the requirements or not. 

How many paragraphs are in an essay?

The number of paragraphs directly depends on the length of your essay. For example, it doesn’t make sense to write an essay of 300 words with dozens of paragraphs. But, for sure, a short example of 300 words can be easily divided into three sections. 

How long is a 500-word essay?

An essay of 500 words will be included in the short types of essays. Do not worry since it’s a short essay word count.

How many sentences is an essay?

An average paragraph of a standard essay will have around five or eight sentences. For example, let’s take an essay with five paragraphs. In case you write even eight sentences in the section, you should write only 40 sentences.

Is a 1000-word essay long?

It will not take a lot of time for you to write an essay for this word count, and the maximum it can take is only a few hours. A 1000-word essay can be included in the average type of essay; on paper, it will take only one page of A4 format.  


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