How to Write an Essay: Opening Remarks


Knowledge of how to write an essay is crucial in the modern educational system. The point is that an essay is not just some dull academic paper that most students consider unnecessary and, in most cases, just a waste of time. The ability to write a good essay is a good tool that will be useful for you in the most different stages of your life, beginning with the motivation letter and a request for a pay rise or promotion. 

The essay forms a great sense of logic and the ability to connect facts and build causal relationships with them. In our article, we’d like to provide detailed instructions to help you understand successful essay writing principles. So, if you’re ready, fasten your belts, and we’re starting.

How to Write a Good Essay: General Tips

As you already know, there are many different types of essays. Despite that, many students may be confused when facing some unknown type of writing. However, to write a successful essay and become more confident in the writing process, you do not need some super writing skills. 

Of course, a lot of students used to explain their unsuccessful writing performances by the fact that they do not have writing skills. And we’d like to dispel this myth and assure you that only by following our easy tips will you find out how to write an essay for A+. 

Study the Question

This is a critical stage that most college students use to skip. However, before starting any essay, you must study your discussion subject thoroughly. It is a crucial step in writing a good essay. First of all, you need to get a total understanding of the problem. For this matter, you can just start reading works of other authors, read essays on this topic and, of course, look at the info on the internet. 

Use Only Trusted Sources

Another critical point that will significantly improve your paper’s quality is using only trusted sources. Such sources will help you to build your position competently and professionally. Just get used to all sources before using any information from it, need to be verified. This will prevent you from providing disinformation to your readers and will significantly increase the final mark for your paper. 

Write Clear

If you want to make your essay successful and make your readers enjoy it, you must use competent language. Usually, students do not take this advice too seriously and just write their essays holding no requirements. And that is another mistake you must avoid to find out how to write an essay successfully. 

How to Write Essay: General Structure

Every essay should be written based on a strict and precise structure. In case you want to find out how to write an essay. First, you need to study how to create a correct essay structure. Do not worry because it will not contain anything complicated, and the structure of every college essay is pretty simple, and it will not have any effect on the length of an essay. In this section, we’d like to provide you with critical components that every essay will contain. 


The introduction is an essential part of every type of essay. In this paragraph, you will have to provide your reader with some key points of your paper. Here you will have an opportunity to explain why you have started this research and why you chose this exact topic. One of the most critical points in this section is also introducing your thesis statement – the main idea of your paper, on which your forthcoming paper will be based.

Thesis Statement

We already mentioned the thesis statement in the previous section. The thesis is the item without which your essay will just lose any sense. That’s why you need to always draw special attention to this point and spend a lot of time choosing the most accurate and logical thesis. Without the thesis, you will not be able to start the writing process because you can not build a house without a foundation.

Body of the Essay

This part of your essay is the most massive and time-consuming. In the body, you will have to disclose the topic of your essay. In this section, you will have to provide your readers with general information regarding the discussion question. For example, an argumentative essay body will contain some arguments aimed at persuading you to accept a point of view. At the same time, the body of the expository essay will try to embrace the whole spectrum of an issue. 


The conclusion of the essay is the part where you will need to summarize your whole research. In conclusion, you must remind your readers about the sense of your research. The conclusion is a sort of culmination of your fundamental research, where you provide the results of your whole paper. In this part of the essay, you must also remind your readers about your thesis statement. Also, you can mention a few main ideas of your paper and provide a conclusion to your whole paper with some motivational phrases. 

How to Write in Essay Format?

Unfortunately, framing your whole writing and idea into three sections is not enough. Another essential point that you need to understand is essay formatting. The essay format is an essential part of your academic paper. Essay formatting is a crucial part of your essay because it will help to arrange it according to all requirements. Fortunately for you, there are not too many essay formats. There are three main types of essay formatting: MLA, APA, and Chicago. Let’s take a closer look at each of these formats. 

  • MLA. MLA or Modern language association is one of the most famous essay styles that is used in colleges around the globe. From some peculiarities of this type of essay, we can name the absence of the title page, and this format is usually used in humanitarian science. 
  • APA. APA, or American Psychological Association, is the second most famous format, similar to MLA. However, it has some differences. First of all, it’s necessary for the title page and the references’ manifestness, and the APA style is usually used in studies like Math or Chemistry.
  • Chicago. Chicago or CMOS is usually used in history, sociology, literature, or art publications. It also includes some features regarding quoting and the title page. But you should not think this style is similar to the previous one because you need to spend a lot of time formatting.

How Does the Writing Process Essay Look Like?

So let’s talk about how the process of writing takes place. Writing your essay may turn from some boring necessity into an exciting process. The only thing you need to do is to prepare for the writing of your article correctly. Because if you approach the writing process with an understanding of how you write your work, this will greatly facilitate your task. In this section, we have collected the most critical stages of writing any type of essay.

Choose a Thesis

It would help if you started your writing by brainstorming. During this process, you will come up with a lot of ideas. You will be able to use them in a while. However, during brainstorming, you should focus on choosing the main idea of your essay. After you choose the thesis of your paper, you can start the writing process directly. But the main point you need to understand is that you should not start writing before choosing the thesis because such a paper will be meaningless. 

Create a Structure

If you want to facilitate the writing process of your essay, you should create a structure first. This easy step will significantly improve your writing because it will help to collect your ideas and structurally present them. So if you want to speed up the writing process and create a beautiful and successful essay, we recommend you write a structure first. 

Prepare a Draft

Once you develop a thesis and approximate structure, you can start creating a draft directly. However, do not expect that your first draft will be perfect the first time. During this stage, you will need to put together all your ideas and everything you want to provide to your readers. Then, you can just start filing in your structure with the necessary information, and you will notice how fast you will get the first draft.

Process Essay Conclusion: Final Words

So finally, we reached the moment when we finished our paper. As a result, you have to find out about the main features of an essay, its writing process, and its types and formats. And the only thing that is left is the conclusion. The conclusion is a part where you will summarize your research, provide results to readers and finish your paper with a solution to the mentioned problem. By following these easy tips, you can rest assured that you will receive a perfect essay.


What is an essay?

An essay is a type of academic paper where the writer receives the possibility to share his own experience on some problem, question, or event. An essay can be written for every subject, making it an ultimate tool in the modern educational system.

How to write a thesis statement for an essay?

The best way to write a thesis statement for your essay is to brainstorm some ideas. The thesis is your essay’s main idea, representing the whole sense of your paper. And the best way to choose a thesis is to choose it among other good ideas. 

How to write an introduction for an essay?

The introduction of an essay is an essential part of your essay. Therefore, you should write the introduction in a concise but informative way, where you will represent the main ideas and thesis of your paper. 

How to write a title for an essay?

The title of your essay should be informative and short at the same time. You should not write the title as a long or awkward sentence because it will only confuse your readers.

How to write a concluding paragraph for an essay?

The conclusion should contain the summary of your essay. Then, to write it, you can remind your readers about your essay’s thesis and some key points and finish it with some afterwords.


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