How to Write a Topic Sentence


When you start writing an article, you must structure your ideas so that readers can understand the topic and draw personal conclusions. To create a topic sentence for an introduction, you need to understand your article’s structure. Writing a good topic sentence is a pretty demanding process. 

You must clearly explain the idea of ​​the article and the additional information that will be contained in the central part. In this article, we will help you figure out the purpose of a topic sentence, tell you what a good topic sentence should be, and give some tips on how to write it correctly. And using the tips, you can quickly write a good sentence that will hook readers.

What Is a Topic Sentence

A topic sentence is essentially a sentence that brings the reader up to date. It should help to understand what the central part of the article will be about and give enough information so the audience can understand the goals of your work. But do not forget that the thematic sentence should not describe all the nuances of the text so that the reader has a desire to read the text further.

Thematic sentences are a kind of assistant to the reader, which makes it possible to find out the topic of the article and navigate it. Such sentences should include the idea of ​​the text and the main topic being discussed. Thematic sentences are an essential part of the article and improve its structure. Therefore, with their help, you can easily understand what will be discussed in the text and familiarize yourself with the author’s opinion in advance.

Good Topic Sentences

A topic sentence is not something you write first or last. It is essential to use it and develop it throughout the text. You also need to argue for each proposal so that readers can understand your opinion and listen to it. Try not to use apparent facts in the topic sentence and write only your personal opinion, which you will argue throughout the text.

A good topic sentence should be as clear and specific as possible so that readers can understand what will be discussed in this paragraph from the first few seconds. But do not make it too detailed to leave the intrigue and the reader wanting to continue studying your article. The topic sentence is a sign that shows the audience how your argument is going.

Topic Sentence in an Essay

In an Essay, the topic sentence reflects the main idea of ​​the text and shows the thesis. Most often, the topic sentence is located at the beginning of the paragraph and tells further information you have to read. All subsequent proposals will be just a reinforcement of this thought, which will include various opinions and evidence.

The topic sentence is considered one of the essential parts of an essay that reinforces the thesis statement. A successful topic sentence in an essay is a kind of mini-thesis that conveys the idea of ​​​​the central thesis and displays the general topic of the paragraph for readers to navigate the structure of the essay. This dramatically helps readers understand the main idea and decide their opinion about the topic in advance.

How to Make a Good Topic Sentence

To write a good topic sentence, it is the first important thing to have an outline of your essay’s structure. In addition, here are some tips to help you write a successful topic sentence for each part of your article:

  • First of all, you need to think about the thesis. It is essential to understand what your article will be about and decide in advance on the topic of the thematic proposal. Before writing, it is better to write a thesis that will help you with this.
  • Describe the structure of your text. Create an outline of your article so you can understand what each paragraph is about and the arguments that will appear in each topic sentence.
  • Write short and precise. The reader should easily understand the paragraph’s topic in just one sentence. Try not to write too much. Everything should be clear and to the point.
  • Write your opinion on this topic. The reader should be interested in your article, so in the topic proposal, you need to write your personal opinion on the topic. In no case do not use other people’s thoughts and facts in the topic sentence because this may alienate the reader.
  • Don’t stretch information. In a topic sentence, it is essential to describe the paragraph’s main idea without excessive water briefly. The reader must understand the idea of ​​the text even before reading it thoroughly.
  • Use different transitions between paragraphs in the text. Topic sentences can be linked to previous information in the text to support the main idea of ​​the entire article. Using words that allow for a smooth transition to the next section of the article is a good idea.

What Makes a Good Topic Sentence

A good topic sentence should be clear and understandable to your readers and reflect your article’s main idea. To make a topic sentence excellent and understandable for readers, it is essential to identify the idea of your article and use these tips:

  • Create a topic sentence based on the main topic and use complex phrases. This will help him look more muscular. Alternatively, you can use two or three sentences that a comma or transitional words will connect.
  • Use transitional words more often when moving from one paragraph to another. These words are well suited for use in a topic sentence and help create an illusion of continuous reading.


Which sentence is the paragraph’s topic sentence?

The topic sentence is the most important in the text because it indicates the paragraph’s main topic. Often, a topic sentence is used at the beginning of a text to explain what will be discussed in the future.

What is the difference between a topic sentence and a thesis statement?

A thematic proposal can be called a kind of thesis. The only difference is that the thesis describes the main idea that will develop throughout the article, and the thematic sentence is only the idea of one paragraph. The thematic sentence explains the idea that was indicated in the thesis.

How long should a topic sentence be?

There is a rule that the topic sentence should not exceed three lines in the text. But despite this, the sentence can contain at least 30 words. The main thing is that it should indicate the main idea and purpose of the paragraph.

How to make a topic sentence for a body paragraph?

To write an excellent thematic proposal, you need to follow a few basic steps:

  • Write a good thesis
  • Describe the idea of the article
  • Write clearly and understandably
  • Express your personal opinion
  • Use words to transition between paragraphs
  • Do not use apparent facts and rely only on personal opinions

What is the best definition for a paragraph’s topic sentence?

The topic sentence is the part of the paragraph in which the author must describe the main idea of the subsequent text. This sentence is most important because it conveys the message to the readers. Therefore, the topic sentence should consist of two parts. These are paragraph topics and arguments that describe the author’s personal opinion.


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