How to Write An Argumentative Essay: Why Is It Important?


In the modern educational system, an argumentative essay has become a universal tool for checking students’ knowledge of a particular subject. Despite that, many students still may face problems writing such a common type of essay, which is called argumentative. Different reasons may cause difficulties. 

For example, some students may believe that they do not have good writing skills or do not feel interested in the subject they are doing research for. And of course, many of them do not even know what an argumentative essay is. But do not worry if you recognize yourself even in one of the mentioned situations. So, let’s find our article with the definition of an argumentative essay

What Is An Argumentative Essay: Main Points

An argumentative essay is an academic writing that uses strong evidence and facts to persuade the reader of some point of view. An argumentative essay is one of the most popular types of assignment in college and high school because it requires students to provide the research logically. 

Also, an argumentative essay should include a rhetorical analysis, when the student will explain the key points of his view on the subject. And, of course, a literary analysis with some facts from the literature based on research.

To better understand how you should write this type of essay, we’d like to explain how you should start it. 

How To Start An Argumentative Essay?

The introduction is an essential part of any essay, especially when it comes to an argumentative type. In an argumentative essay, the beginning is essential to point to the successful result. So, if you start your essay ideally, you increase your chance for success significantly. 

However, to write successful academic writing, you should know how to start your research correctly. In this section, we’d like to share with you some steps that will help you to write your introduction in the best possible way. 

Brainstorm Some Ideas

To write a successful argumentative essay, you must understand that it will take some time. We suggest you start with a single piece of paper and a pen. After that, start writing all ideas that will come up in your mind. 

But of course, do not forget that these ideas should refer to the topic of the discussion. Just take your time and write all ideas that will appear during the brainstorming. After a few good ideas pop out, you can move on to the next stage. 

Come Up With the Thesis Statement

A thesis statement is the leading idea of your argumentative essay. After you have finished brainstorming, you need to highlight some good ideas. Then, think about which will suit your discussion’s best topic. But do not write too long or awkward a thesis because it should not be too difficult to understand. Instead of this, write a short and meaningful sentence that will describe your point of view. Take this stage as responsibly as possible because the research depends on it. 

Write an Introduction

After you choose the thesis statement of your argumentative essay, you can start to write an introduction directly. It would be best if you remembered that it should not be too long as a thesis. You must outline the thesis statement and some general issues and keep the reader current. For this matter, your introduction should not be too long, and one paragraph will be enough. 

How to Write Argumentative Essay?

Once you finish writing the introduction, you can start writing the body of your essay. The body is the part where you will explain your position and prove it with the help of solid evidence. 

Usually, the body will include three to five paragraphs, and it also may include some additional sections. To make it easier for you, you can just imagine the body of your paper as a part where you need to convince your opponent that your position is correct. But, let’s not drag it out too long and find out how you should prepare for body writing. 

Outline a Structure

To make the writing process more manageable, you must prepare a structure for the body part of your essay. First, think about how you would like to present your essay. For example, you can use one piece of evidence for the paragraph and build your body structure. And, of course, do not forget that your piece of evidence should match the thesis. 

Study the Sources

To make your essay more convincing, you need to include points of view from other authors. But of course, you should not contradict your point of view. For that matter, you can use some sources to support your view on the chosen problem. If you do things correctly, your essay will receive some comparing and contrasting notes that will strengthen your argumentative base. 

Analyze Your Opponent’s View

To make your argumentative essay more successful, you should also include an analysis of your opponent’s position. You can add some paragraphs where with the help of evidence and facts, you will explain why the opposite position is wrong. To make it look more logical, you should base your disagreement with your opponent solely on facts and evidence. Including this part in your paper will make your essay look complete and logical. 

Argumentative Essay Example: Why Is It Important?

As a famous proverb says, the picture is worth a thousand words. That’s why according to all the tips and advice, you should also look at some reliable argumentative essay examples. It will help you to put all puzzles in your head into one picture, and after that, you will be able to write your academic paper. So let’s find out the advantages of studying the argumentative essay example before writing your own. 

  • A better understanding of the argumentative essay structure
  • Acceleration of the writing process
  • Improving comprehension of the use of the thesis statement
  • Increasing the academic quality of your paper
  • Correct use of the sources and additional literature

Argumentative Writing Conclusion: How to Finish Your Paper?

The conclusion is no less important than the introduction or the body of your argumentative paper. In this section, you will summarize your whole argumentative essay and provide your readers with the result of your research. In this section, you must manage the information you have already provided to your readers. 

Also, it’s essential to remember your thesis statement and make a conclusion for your argumentative essay. We have selected some helpful advice to make the writing conclusion easier for you. 

  • Double-check your paper. To write a successful conclusion, you need to refresh your memory of every detail you included in your paper. A quick look at your paper will help you a lot in this matter. 
  • Remind me about your thesis statement. The conclusion is a part of your essay where you will remind your readers of your thesis. Like the introduction, you should build your whole conclusion on your thesis. Sum up your piece of evidence and provide it to your reader in a short and logical form. 
  • Do not include new facts. Your conclusion should be written based on the information you provided in the body and introduction. 


How to write a thesis statement argumentative essay?

The thesis statement is the main idea of your argumentative essay. To choose it correctly, you can come up with a few ideas and choose the one that will explain your position most shortly and logically. This idea may become the thesis of your essay.

How to conclude an argumentative essay?

Your argumentative essay’s conclusion should include your paper’s thesis. First, you must remind your readers of the purpose of your essay. After that, you can add some additional facts from the body and finish your paper with a logical solution to the described problem. 

How to make an argumentative essay? 

To write an argumentative essay, you should be aware of the topic of discussion. After that, you can start creating the thesis statement and write a possible structure for your future essay. After that, you can start the writing process directly.

What is the last step in creating an argumentative essay?

A logical conclusion is the last step in creating your argumentative essay. To make your conclusion look good, you need to remind your readers of the described problem and provide some facts from the body. And, of course, your conclusion should be built on the thesis statement, which was the basis of your essay.

How many paragraphs are in an argumentative essay?

Usually, an argumentative essay body will include from three to five paragraphs. But of course, you’re free to extend it by adding additional sections and logical blocks.  


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