How to Write an Introduction for a Research Paper


The research paper’s introduction has one primary purpose: to familiarize its readers with the idea that will be pursued in its article. It is essential to start academic writing with a clear hypothesis that you will be proving. The introduction should explain to readers the importance of the research and keep them hooked so that they stay and continue reading the article.

The introduction should contain the topic and purpose of your research. In addition, it is essential to keep a few key goals in mind:

  • Describe the topic and hook the reader
  • Tell me about the information that will be provided
  • Describe your position
  • Tell in detail about the problem that you will analyze in your article
  • Briefly describe the structure of the research paper

Research Paper Introduction Example

Once you’ve seen the main objectives of the research paper introduction, it’s best to look at an example introduction to help you visually understand what it looks like. So let’s look at the introduction on the topic “How does the Internet affect music in the modern world?”.

The modern era of digital technology affects every aspect of life and even music. Many music artists make massive money from the Internet and consider it their primary goal to show the audience their work.

But at the same time, many humble artists believe that the Internet spoils their creativity. This is because now there are many sites where people are provided with free services and do not bring profit to the creators. In the modern world, there are many different opinions about how the digital age is presented in a negative light.

In this article, we will explore whether to use digital music at a time when people worldwide stop appreciating music and artists are losing a large part of their audience.”

You can see in this example the author adheres to all the main goals of the introduction. After reading the first sentences, the reader will be interested and want to read the central part of the introduction, where the author describes the essence of the study.

Introduction to a Paper

The research paper introduction is considered an essential part. First of all, readers are not aware of what problem will be dealt with in the article. At least it is tough to understand just by the name. To create a good introduction, it is essential:

  • Try to understand to your reader the main topic and problem that will be discussed
  • Hook the reader so that he wants to read your article
  • Show a structure that the reader can easily navigate through the research paper

Without a well-written introduction, most readers may refuse to read your article or be confused. Therefore, it is essential that the introduction is captivating and people want to read the article to the very end.

How to Write Intro to Research Paper

We want to help make your introduction such that no reader can miss it! Check three main tips that will help you write a good introduction and succeed in writing a research paper:

  • You can write the introduction to your article last. It is essential to understand that the introduction describes what will be discussed in the central part. 
  • Engage the reader from the first sentences. You can do this in any way convenient for you. Many authors use anecdotes and quotes at the beginning of the introduction, and it works! 
  • Try to write in a language that readers understand. Most research papers are on serious topics, so try not to use complex terms and write short sentences. It’s essential for readers. 

Write Introduction for Research Paper

To write a good research paper introduction, you can imagine that a research paper is a commodity you need to sell to make a profit. This is not a joke because the article’s author constantly strives to get a good mark.

Most often, sellers try different options to hook and interest customers. Likewise, with the introduction to your article. The main goal should be to attract attention and hook the reader so that in the future, he would want to read your work to the end and, after that, give a high rating and positive comments.

Introduction of a Research Paper

The research paper introduction plays a considerable role. So it is essential to create it correctly. Rules are needed in all kinds of texts because almost all have a specific structure. But, first, you must come up with a topic, interest the reader, uncover the thought, and draw conclusions. We have a few tips to help make the introduction successful and achieve its primary goals:

  • Don’t make the introduction too big. This may put many readers off because they feel that there is too much “water”. Remember that the introduction should only describe the article’s purpose, a few facts, and a thesis that will interest the reader.


  • You can write a good introduction if you try to convey the main idea in just a few sentences. Try not to stretch the thought and clearly describe what you want to prove in your research paper.
  • Write the introduction last. This tip will help you write an introduction quickly and concisely because after writing the central part, you will already be able to navigate the article and quickly describe the main points in the introduction.
  • Check out other articles on your topic. This is a good option because it is essential to find out and compare what other writers think about it before you write your opinion.


How long should an introduction be in a research paper?

The length of an introduction in a standard research paper with 5 pages should be written no more than half of one page. If this is another article that has more than 10 pages, the introduction can grow to one page, but no more.

What should be in the introduction of a research paper?

The introduction should be written last after you have finished the central part of the article. For example, a scientific article should include the main topic of the research, the method by which you conducted the research, the results, and the main contribution of your article to this area.

What are the 4 parts of an introduction in the research paper?

An introduction to a research paper consists of 4 parts:

  • A topic
  • An explanation of the importance of the topic
  • A statement about what others think about this topic
  • A description of the main idea

How do I start my introduction?

A good introduction should start with:

  • Descriptions to readers of your research topic
  • Providing the main idea of the article
  • Explain to readers what you want to tell in this article

What makes a good introduction?

A good introduction captures the attention and interest of readers, talks about the main topic and idea of your article, and describes what the main body of the article will talk about.


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