How to Write a Descriptive Essay: Top Tips to Follow


Almost every student has been assigned a task to write a descriptive essay. This type of essay is a common one that shows the writer’s ability to organize thoughts into writing correctly. The primary purpose of a descriptive essay can be guessed from its name – to describe something. 

However, not everyone clearly understands how to write a descriptive essay. Even though it is very similar to the narrative essay time, it has many distinctive features. That is why this article will be beneficial for you if you plan to get a high mark for writing a descriptive essay

What Is a Descriptive Essay?

First of all, a descriptive essay is a piece of academic writing that focuses on providing a vivid and detailed picture of a specific topic. Descriptive essay topics can relate to the description of a person, historical event, movie character, geographical location, or any other subject. 

Sometimes the teachers provide students with examples of the topics, but most times, you will be responsible for choosing a descriptive essay topic. This can be something that refers to your personal experience, something that is out of your knowledge, or your emotional description. Whatever topic you stay on, focus on the things you are familiar with the most. It will help you in your descriptive essay writing process

How to Start a Descriptive Essay: Writing Preparation

Before you get to the writing part, proper preparation should be made for this process. To make your writing more compelling to the readers, you should learn more about special devices you should use in your descriptive essay. Learn about the following writing instruments.

Make Use of Literary Devices

In a descriptive essay, it is important to use creative language. It should not be a single piece of text describing something with no details or instruments that would evoke emotions from the audience. That is why the use of literary devices is essential. Consider playing with metaphors, allusions, similes, irony, and humor. It will make your descriptive essay more engaging to read. 

However, it is also crucial not to overload the audience with figurative language. Instead, they should be able to catch the general sense of the topic of your essay

Describe All the Senses

Who said that the descriptive essay should only refer to visual aids? Readers should smell, touch, taste, and hear to catch the whole subject picture. If it sounds impossible, you should train to describe something in all human senses before writing a descriptive essay

Add Transition Words

Imagine that your essay is a river: it flows smoothly past the readers’ ears. This effect can be achieved only by using transition words in a descriptive essay. These linking words can be used for listing points, contrasting, comparing, stating an example, emphasizing, and making a conclusion. Make sure to include them in moderate amounts.

Writing Descriptive Essay: Step-by-Step Instructions

As soon as you prepare to write a descriptive essay – you are ready to kick it off! To make this process smooth and easy, follow these steps:

  • Choose an engaging topic. It is always easier to write about something you already know. So don’t go far in selecting the most extraordinary topic. It can lay in front of your eyes. 
  • Gather the information. Once you find the perfect topic for your descriptive essay, it is time to do some informational research. You wouldn’t be able to describe anything if you lacked information. 
  • Create an outline. The information might be overwhelming. So as not to puzzle over it, write your roadmap that is an outline. 
  • Start with the introduction. A descriptive essay introduction doesn’t differ from any other kind of essay introductory paragraph. It should state the subject of the description and a thesis statement
  • Write the body paragraphs. This is the place where you can set your imagination and creativity free. Don’t forget to give your readers anchors in every paragraph so as not to mislead them towards the information given. 
  • Provide a concise conclusion. The conclusion is the part where you should restate your statement in other words. 

Writing a Descriptive Essay: Tips to Make It Easy

Writing a descriptive essay is a skill. And you can train it to write essays easier every time. Here are some tips that will smooth out the descriptive essay writing process.

  • Read a lot of fiction. The best way to learn how to write is to see someone writing. Reading fiction literature makes it easier for you to link the words into sentences and put them into a coherent structure.
  • Put a “hook” in the introductory paragraph. If the descriptive essay is catching, it is catching from the beginning. So you need to think over the best ways to make your introduction sound engaging.
  • Don’t miss the details. If you want to immerse an audience into reading your descriptive essay – show them every detail of the subject or the story you describe. Turn their attention from left to right, from top to bottom. Thus, reading your essay will feel like sitting in the cinema. Try to close your eyes and imagine the picture you are depicting. Then write everything that comes to your mind – and here it is, a perfect descriptive essay is ready!

Descriptive Essays: Final Words

Writing a descriptive essay is an obligatory piece of work for every student. However, you can make this process more manageable if you consider our tips. 


How to write a descriptive essay introduction?

The introduction in the descriptive essay is the first thing that should hook the reader. Thus, you have to write it in a very engaging way. Intrigue your audience with impressive facts or ideas so the readers can’t take their eyes off your piece of writing. 

How to start a descriptive essay?

To start the descriptive essay, you have to choose the right topic. The theme should be close to you if you want to enjoy writing an essay on it. Also, try to memorize some valid words and phrases that would help you form your opinion creatively.

How to write a descriptive essay about a person?

To write an essay about a person, you have to:

  • Choose a person you are familiar with
  • Write down one’s character traits, appearance, and manners
  • Create a written portrait of a person.

How to write a thesis for a descriptive essay?

A thesis is your statement that you should be able to support in your work. Thus, make it clear to you and concise for the readers.

How do you conclude a descriptive essay?

Conclusion in a descriptive essay is a part where you have to write about your statement in other words. So it would help if you restated the idea of your writing. Thus, you have to summarize your thoughts in several sentences providing readers with a logical ending. 


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